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"a complete SMSF establishment, advice, administration and audit service "

Set up a Self Managed Super Fund Service

Rogerson Kenny SMSF Accountants establish Self Managed Super Funds from start to finish with a comprehensive, user friendly system. We have assisted a number of clients to establish their own Self Managed Super Fund and continue to look after their annual compliance needs and ongoing advice.
We take care of every aspect of setting up a Self Managed Super Fund, including corporate trustee and trust deed set up, registration for TFN, ABN and with ASIC along with full documentation and starter pack to open your bank account. We usually have the documentation ready for you to sign within 2-3 business days.

For the one fixed fee, we coordinate the whole set up process, offer you unlimited phone call, meetings and support. This includes assisting you with rolling in funds from other superannuation funds and opening the funds bank account.
As we want to continue our relationship with you after your Self Managed Super Fund is established, we will assist you until the fund is appropriately regulated. The fee is $1,800 + GST.

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What is involved in Setting up a SMSF?

Download your free SMSF Starter Kit, for those looking to establish a Self Managed Super Fund

Annual Self Managed Super Fund Compliance Service

We have expert Self Managed Super Fund staff who specialise in Self Managed Super Fund Accounting, Taxation, Audit, Advice and ongoing compliance requirements. 
We offer piece of mind to our SMSF clients, by guiding them through their trustee duties and promptly assisting with any queries along the journey.
This is a complete service for Self Managed Super Funds. We can tailor our service to anything you may require. Just ask us. Email Mark Rogerson or book an appointment with a SMSF Specialist.

  • Annual compliance

    • Account preparation - financial statements, member reports, investment reports etc

    • Tax return preparation & lodgment

    • All compliance documents - including minutes, intend to claim deduction notices, assistance with investment strategy and death benefit nomination forms

    • Audit - by an approved auditor

    • All other compliance documentation

  • Pension establishment and advice

    • Minutes and forms for pension establishment and commutation

    • letter advising of minimum and maximum pension requirements and calculations

    • pension strategies

  • Advice on all aspects in relation to Self Managed Super and other structures

  • Mail house services (if required)

  • Frequent Reporting (if required)

  •  We do any and everything to do with Self Managed Super Fund compliance.

SMSF Strategy and other "non compliance" Services

We have expert Self Managed Super accredited specialists, who look at different aspects of your SMSF and your personal situation, and work toward the best outcome for all parties concerned.
Some basic strategies we may raise / outline with trustee(s):

  • Is a Transition to Retirement Pension worthwhile? How can this strategy be used to minimise tax? What about an Account Based Pension, should you be doing this?

  • Have the Trustee(s) considered gearing in their SMSF? How may this work? Do you know you can transfer in business real property into an SMSF?

  • Are the trustee(s) aware of their taxfree and taxable percentages of monies within their members balances? Do they realise that their beneficiaries pay tax on the taxable portion after death and that there are ways to reduce this? It may also be possible to separate or keep separate the taxfree and taxable amounts by looking at the overall pension strategy.

  • Is a corporate trustee in place? If a corporate trustee is not in place, this has huge ramifications on the death of a member (and many other possible negative issues to consider).

  • Are your contributions being maximised? We work with our clients to maximise the money they can contribute to their SMSF.

  • Estate Planning Issues: who is going to receive your money and how? Will it be in the most tax effective manner? Are your wishes, without doubt, binding? Did you know your super doesn't form part of your estate, thus usually isn't covered by your will?

  • Do you have assets that have large unrealised gains associated (ie. a property)? What strategies do you have to minimise these potential gains? Did you know that when you die, your members balance reverts to accumulation (even if you were in some form of pension) and if there is no revisionary pension in place, this money must be cashed out of the SMSF and capital gains tax may apply? What is your current strategy for this?

  • Do you have appropriate insurance in your SMSF? Is the insurance to cover debt in the SMSF? If so, who is the owner of the policy? This can have a massive impact on where this money is allocated to. The risk is, if the member is the owner, but the insurance is for debt in the fund, then that insurance payout will add to the members benefit and need to be either paid out of the fund or a revisionary pension can be established if a tax dependant is already within the fund.

  • All this above and more is a vital part of an ongoing relationship we have with our clients. Please contact Mark Rogerson to discuss further. Click Here to email Mark

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