SMSF Starter Kit - free 23 page ebook

The SMSF Starter Kit should enable you to understand what an SMSF is. The SMSF Starter Kit is designed for anyone thinking about and/or starting a SMSF.
The SMSF Starter Kit also covers the requirements to keep the SMSF operating, the costs to set one up - along with a few tips and hints.
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Our SMSF Starter Kit covers the following topics...

  • What is a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)?
  • How does an SMSF work?
  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages and considerations of having a Self Managed Super Fund?
  • What is involved in setting up a SMSF?
  • Trustee Eligibility
  • Trustee Obligations
  • Setting up a Self Managed Super Fund with Rogerson Kenny SMSF Accountants
  • The Trust Deed
  • What does a typical structure of an SMSF look like?
  • What can an SMSF invest in? (Investment Rules / Restrictions)
  • Investment Strategy
  • Investment Checklist
  • New Establishment Form
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